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Fiestas in Torrox and Axarquia

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Important Festivals in the Region

Dates Festivals
20 January
8-12 August
9 August
1st weekend November
28-30 June
Fiesta in honour of San Sebastian
August Feria
Flamenco Festival
Fiesta de la Castana
Fiesta de Puente de Don Manuel
15 May
13-16 June
12-15 September
Fiesta of San Isidro Agricultor
Fiesta of San Antonio
Fiesta of La Patrona Virgen de la Monsalud
15 May
27-29 September
4 August
Fiesta of San Isidro
Feria of San Miguel
Fiesta of Gazpacho
20 January
2-4 August
23-25 August
1st weekend September
Day of San Sebastian
Feria of August
Verbena on the beach of Mezquitila
Flamenco night and festival Floclorico
1st weekend of May
Last weekend of July
7 September
Festival of Santo Cristo de la Banda Verde
Feria in honour of Ntra. Senora del Amparo
Fiesta del Ajoblanco (white garlic)
Fiesta catalogada de interes touristico nacional
2nd weekend of June
1-3 February
9-11 August
Fiesta del Corpus
Day of San Antonio
Feria of August Ntra. Senora de la Encarnacion
1st 15 days August
12 October
Local Fiestas
Feria de la Mula
20 January
2-4 August
San Sebastian
Summer Feria
11-12 May
14 September
18-20 October
Fiesta de San Isidro
Day of music
Fiesta in honour of Santo Cristo de la Salud
28 April

18-11 August
Fiesta of the Virgen de la Cabeza
(Takes place on the day of Morcilla Canillera/Typical Fiesta)
Feria de la Virgen de la Cabeza
17 January
2-4 August
8 October
San Anton (with Verbena)
Feria of Summer
Fiesta de Ntra. Senora del Rosario
2-3 February
14-15 August
Fiesta Virgen de la Candelaria
Feria of August
13 January
23-25 August
Verbena popular
Feria in honour of San Hilario
20 January
15 August

25-28 July
Feria del Barrio (Verbena)
Noche del Vino
(night of wine, Treading of grapes, tasting of wines of the area)
Fiesta catalogada de interes touristico nacional
Feria de San Sebastian
10-11 August
16-18 August
Fiesta en Salto del Negro
Fiesta de San Roque
25 April
15 September
Fiesta in honour of San Marcos
Day of the raisin (popular festival with perfomances in the town)
20 January
1st Saturday February
3 May
13 June
Fiesta in honour of San Sebastian
Carnivals (Verbena popular)
Day of the Cross (decorating of the streets)
San Antonio de Padua. Reinactments of the battle of Del Penon de Frigiliana with a pilgrimage, serenaders and competitions.
August : Festival of Bailes Populares nacionales and festival of bands playing music of the Axarquia region.
22 March
31 March
3 May
13 June
3 August
Day of the Patrona (employer)
Domingo de Resureccion (Procession and Paella)
Day of the Cross (with pilgrimage and hornazo)
Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua
Fiesta of the Moscatel Grape
2-4 August
2 December
Feria of the Village
Certamen de Pastorales (homage to Salvador Rueda)
Last weekend of April
23-25 July
24 August
Fiesta Ganadera
Feria in honour of S. Bartolome
Fiesta de los Vineros
Last 15 Days February
3 May
15 May
23 June
16 July
Last weekend of July
First weekend of September
1st 15 Days October
Fiestas de San Anton en Maro
Fiesta of the Cross
Night of San Juan (Playa de Burriana)
Procession Maritima (Virgen del Carmen)
Festival of the Caves of Nerja
Feria of Maro La Virgen de las Maravillas
Feria Patronal de Nerja
24 March
14-16 May
23-25 August
Day of Aceite Verdial
San Isidro, Flamenco Festival
Feria of peaches, with tasting, popular festival
2 February
14-18 July
8 September
Fiesta de Verdiales en Benagalbon
Virgen del Carmen (passing of the Virgen to the sea)
Procession of the Virgen (Moral street)
Easter Week
26 May
27-29 May
15-19 August
El Paso de Riogordo
Fiesta del Caracol
Feria de Ganado
Fiesta Ntra. Sra. de Gracia
Last 15 Days January
24 June
Last 15 Days July
22-23 September
Fiesta de San Anton
Day of San Juan
Fiesta in honour of Santa Ana
Al-Sarq Fiesta de Muestras Tematicas
5 May
29 June - 1 July
19-21 July
Fiesta of the Nispero
Fiesta of San Pedro in Corumbela
Feria of the village
19-20 January
2-4 August
San Anton
Fiesta Ntra. Sra. de la Esperanza
4 August
4-7 October
Sunday before Christmas
16 July
15 August
Fiesta in honour of the Virgin de las Nieves y San Roque
Feria of Torrox
Fiestas of the Migas (tasting of the Migas), Fiestas de interes nacional
The procession of Virgen del Carmen in El Morche
Feria of El Morche
Easter Week
16-19 March
5 May
18-19 May
21-24 June
28-30 June
5-7 July
Last 15 Days July
12-14 July
16 July
24-28 July
2-4 August
9-11 August
25-29 September
6 October
All day procession
Feria of Cajiz
Romeria de Almayate (pilgrimage)
Romerias de Velez-Malaga, Torre del Mar, Cabrilla (pilgrimages)
Feria of Triana
Feria of Almayate
Feria of Caleta de Velez
Feria of de la Veladilla del Carmen de Velez-Malaga
Feria of Benajarafe
Processions to the sea of the Virgen del Carmen at Caleta de Velez, Torre del Mar, and Benajarafe
Feria of Torre del Mar
Feria of Lagos
Feria of Chilches
Real Feria de San Miguel in Velez-Malaga
Romeria de Benarajafe (pilgrimage)
26-28 July
15 August
14-15 September
Fiesta in honour of la Virgen de las Angustias
Fiesta of los Romanes
Fiesta de la Pasa (raisin) treading of the grapes